Handling ease: The easy-grip plastic handle improves in handling ease.

Cutting-edge pressure gauge: The world’s tiniest and yet amazingly easy to read, this is the only pressure gauge that allows you to check the extinguisher’s readiness.If the needle is in the green zone, the extinguisher is ready to use.

Controllable discharge: A simple squeeze grip activation mechanism allows you to manage the discharge and optimise the usage of the extinguishing agent.

Quality control systems: It is ISO 9001 and CE certified, and it complies with ISI criteria. Comprehensive Helium Tests and Leak Tests also ensure that the products you buy are created in accordance with the world’s most demanding quality standards.

6 Year Warranty: The 6 Year Warranty indicates that Ceasefire is concerned about the health of your fire safety products.

It is effective on all sorts of fire: Fights flames of class A, B, C, and electrical origin.

ABC Dry Powder, a combination of mono ammonium phosphate (MAP) and ammonium sulphate, not only cuts off the oxygen supply to the fire but also interferes with the chemical process required to sustain a fire.

Highest standards: Almost every Ceasefire extinguisher is ISO 9001 and CE certified, as well as conforming to ISI standards.

Further information:

Time to Delivery: 7-15 Days

Cease Fire Fire Extinguser Details

Fire Extinguisher Type Dry Powder Type
Fire Class B Class, A Class, Electrically started Fire, C Class
Capacity 2 Kg
Body Material Mild Steel
Usage/Application For Industrial Use
Certification ISI
Discharge Range 2 Mtr Minimum
Warranty 6 Years
Country of Origin Made in India
Cease Fire Fire Extinguser