Auto Protection against over voltage and over current is extremely practical and energy-efficient.
reducing ARC stability with minimal spatter

Hot start and anti-stick.
The most recent IGBT technology with suitcase packing.

Earth Clampset with 1.5M Cable Welding Holder Set with 2.5M Cable Suitcase/Tool box are included in the deal.

Weltronix Arc MINI200 Welding Machine Details

Amps Input At Rated Output 31.1 A
Diamention 232*107*177 MM
Duty Cycle 40%
Frequency 50-60 HZ
Input Voltage/ output Voltage 230 V/200A
Net wight 2.15 KG
OCV 65 V
Output Range 20-200 A
Phase 1/Single
Voltage 28 V
warrenty 6 months
Weltronix Arc MINI200 Welding Machine