Auto Protection against Over-Voltage and Over-Current that is portable and light.
Excellent ARC stability and minimal splatter
Anti sticks with a hot start.
contemporary IGBT technology
1.5 M cable and Earth Clampset are included in the package.
Set of welding holder with 2.5-meter cable

Weltronix MAX200 ARC Welding Machine Details

warrenty 6 month
AMPS 31.1A
Input Voltage 230 V
Phase Type Single
Packaging Type Box
Input Power 230 V
Duty Cycle 60%
Net Weight(kg) 3.5 KG
Rated Input Voltage 230 A
Output Voltage Range 200-200 A
Input Power Voltage 230 V
Rated Output Welding Current 200A
Rated Input Power Capacity 230 V
Dimensions (W x D x H) 313*135*255 MM
Usage/Application Industrial
Weltronix MAX200 ARC Welding Machine